the rules


hi, and welcome to halcyon!

as you probably know already, this private server is dedicated to closet cheating in the rhythm game, osu!

as such, there must be strict rules and guidelines to make sure we stick to that concept of closet cheating. this page will detail that.

all users will be given 2 total chances to abide by the rules. in the case of a overcheat, either one offending score, or all of the scores will be wiped from their account.

regardless of what type of wipe is performed, that counts to their total wipe counter. if they are caught overcheating again, they will be restricted for up to 2 weeks.

rule I

no blatant or unfair cheating

any blatant cheating will be met with an automatic restriction. this includes, but is not limited to; autobots (all forms), replay stealing/modding, OD changing, score editing of any kind, inhuman UR (below 70 unconverted), CS changing, OD changing and or obvious snapping to circles.

if you don't do any of these, then you are not blatantly cheating.

rule II

timewarping limits

if you are using any speed-changing mods (like DT or HT), then you are NOT ALLOWED to use timewarp hacks.

however, you are allowed to go as low as 90% of full speed when playing otherwise (e.g. HR, HD, FL, etc..)

rule III

relax limits

relax cheats are allowed to be used on this server, however you must use common sense while playing with relax.

you CANNOT single-tap everything, and you SHOULDN'T be deathstreaming anything above 270bpm, UNLESS the map you are playing has a good pass wih that bpm.

your unconverted UR should be above, equal, or close in proximity to the value of 70, and must fill up the entire 300 hit window. exceptions are for SS plays where UR may be lower than usual.

if you have the relax mod enabled, and a relax hack enabled; please disable it to avoid issues. this rule also applies to those plays as well, regardless if the relax hack brings an advantage or not.

rule IV

the human limit

this server is focused on closet cheating, as said in the preface. this means, singletapping 480 1/4th jumps or teleporting to circles is an issue here.

please use discretion when playing. do what you think may be possible one day on bancho.

rule V

no obvious aim assistance

you should NOT be being obviously aim assisted. visible snaps are okay as long as they look organic and natural.

if you are barely aiming the circle or cursordancing and still hitting the circles; then you are obviously aim assisting.

rule VI

enlighten limits

hidden removers and AR editing ARE allowed, however you may NOT use flashlight removers here.

unlike other servers, we don't care if there are legitimate plays on bancho with flashlight on the map in question.

this means, ALL flashlight plays above, let's say 200pp MUST be accompanied with a flashlight liveplay.

rule VII

so, what is doable?

you are allowed to submit and play anything you desire.

if it is a ranked map on bancho (or another LEGITIMATE private server), it must have at LEAST a B rank pass with ANY mods, excluding relax and autopilot.

however, this bends depending on what mods you use...

the difficulty changing mods are what are important here, everything else at minimum must have a B rank pass.

DT and HR (but not DTHR) plays MUST have at least a B rank pass, everything else is fair game.

DTHR plays MUST have at least a A rank pass OR a play of at least 90% accuracy; whichever comes first.

so let's say, for example, i wanted to play and full combo Road of Resistance +DT, but there are NO B rank passes with DT; then that means i CANNOT play it.

but if i wanted to play it with HR, then i would be ok to do so, because there are passes with it.

if the map is not ranked on any other private server, then trust your gut. this ties in with rule 3 and 4. if it looks undoable without cheats, don't do it.

rule VIII

the catch-all

administrators and moderators have full discretion over our ruling of these rules.

if you are unsure of any rule here, please ask for clarification. ignorance does not excuse you from wipes and restrictions here.

this rule also encapsulates all other infractions that may occur outside the scope of these rules (e.g. chat spam, hate speech, etc.); among other things. be civil.

rule IX

rule exemptions

relax sub-gamemodes are completely exempt from rules 4 and 7. relax is not a ranked gamemode everywhere, and has more that is do-able when you remove the restraints of standard gameplay.

mania and taiko are exempt from rules 2 and 7. they are not movement based gamemodes, and are less popular (which limits to scopes of scores able to be set, if we were to follow rule 7).

for fruits (catch the beat), rule 2 is modified to allow slight timewarping (1.4x with DT, 0.80x with nomod), and rule 7's scope will be bigger (at least a high C rank with the mods you specify).

we will still wipe and restrict you for the other rules if you go too far beyond the scope of the server, however.