We are an osu! private server built from the ground up with many unique features not seen elsewhere - for more information, check out gulag and guweb on GitHub - we're fully open source!

Some of our coolest features

PP for Relax and Autopilot

Our server has unique pp formula for relax and autopilot. Good at waving your cursor or just smashing your keyboard? Join Halcyon and get a fair reward for your skills!

Free osu!direct

You won't have to pay for osu!supporter to have a convenient gameplay experience in the client - osu!direct is available for everyone! Keep in mind supporting us still grants a huge set of cool perks but absence of it doesn't affect your game sessions!

Flexible library

We're written on top of cmyui's multipurpose library allowing for a fully asynchronous environment, both improving performance and the user's experience in the long term!

What are you waiting for?

Join Halcyon! It's risk-free! You won't get your account banned on official servers if you play here with us! And don't worry, as you can always switch between the official servers and us at any time!